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Sung Joo Hyun wins GGPoker Super MILLION$ after defeating Dario Sammartino in heads-up play

On February 15, Sung Joo Hyun was able to claim a Super MILLION$ title after outlasting the field of seven competitors and defeating Dario Sammartino in the heads-up round. It was a tough loss for Dario after he made it to the final table with a short stack and worked his way up to the final round.

Details of the Final Table

The final table of the GGPoker event was set with eight players, with Daniel Dvoress sitting pretty with third in chips. However, the former winner of the Super MILLION$ would be eliminated early in the 9th position. He lost a big pot early on and was never able to rebuild his stack.

Next to go was online player ‘joyeux’ and then online player ‘pitrasyan’ was out in seventh place. Yannick Schumacher would follow along with Aleks Ponakovs, leaving the table the remaining four; Dario, Hyun, Rui Ferreira, and spaise411.

Eventually, spaise411 would be eliminated after going up against Hyun. Spaise411 was all-in with Q-J and Hyun called with A-10 suited. The ten on the flop secured the hand for Hyun and eliminated his opponent in 4th place.

Sung Joo Hyun wins GGPoker Super MILLION$ after defeating Dario Sammartino in heads-up play

Ferreira was out next thanks to Hyun and a full house on the river, leaving Hyun and Dario to compete in the heads-up round. Hyun had a huge chip lead over Dario, at 18.5 million to 5.5 million. It would not be long before the final hand went down.

Dario would shove with K-Q and Hyun would call with A-4. A king landed on the flop but an ace on the river gave Hyun an out and the hand. Dario would have to settle for the second-place finish.

Final Results:

Place Player Prize
First Sung Joo Hyun $487,256
Second Dario Sammartino $375,726
Third Rui Ferreira $289,724
Fourth Spaise411 $223,408
Fifth Aleks Ponakovs $172,271
Sixth Yannick Schumacher $132,839
Seventh Pitrasyan $102,433
Eighth Joyeux $78,986
Ninth Daniel Dvoress $60,907

GGMasters Overlay Edition

As the GGPoker Super MILLION$ finishes up, there is always something new to explore at the site. The online poker room is prepping for the GGMasters Overlay Edition in March. The special event will be the regular GGMasters but with a boosted prize pool.

On March 20, players can compete in the GGMasters for the same $150 buy-in, but the prize pool will be increased to $5 million. To reach the guarantee, over 36,000 players will need to sign up and compete. Of course, that is a big number and GGPoker expects there to be an overlay, hence the name of the event.

Qualifiers will launch soon, so players can start competing for a seat into the big event at a much lower buy-in.


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