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Playing blackjack online to your advantage subject of exhaustive new article

Serious blackjack players may want to take a look at an article recently published on the Latest Casino Bonuses (LCB) website. Author, Brandon James goes deep into the subject of “Advantages to Playing Online Blackjack“. James (also known as Mission146 on the Wizard of Vegas forums) explores everything from the worsening blackjack rules found on the Las Vegas Strip and elsewhere to specific strategies players can use to beat online casino blackjack bonuses.

Many true advantage players will already know how to adjust their play to certain minor rule variations, how to determine if a given bonus is beatable, which software is most user-friendly, and most importantly which casinos will actually pay if you beat the seemingly insane wagering requirements attached to blackjack bonuses. If you play blackjack for fun and simply to win, rather than as a part-time job, the article definitely has something for you.

After examining several on-land and online differences and similarities in the game, James mentions that the savviest players should start with The Wizard of Odds’ blackjack pages. As the article progresses it becomes obvious that the author has already done the hard work. He has critically analyzed the Wizard’s top ten list of blackjack casinos, then winnowed and sifted all of the important elements to identify the top three for readers. A bit of a spoiler; you will find Las Vegas USA Casino on the list, but be warned the playthrough is  “huge” and the expected value is less than if the bonus is used another way that is mentioned in the article.

Playing blackjack online to your advantage subject of exhaustive new article

Simply knowing which casino offers games with a low house edge, the biggest bonus, or lowest play through requirements isn’t enough to be successful unless you get very lucky and quit when ahead. All of these factors plus payout speed, withdrawal limits (including Bitcoin limits if accepted) if the bonus is cashable, and whether or not the casino has been approved by The Wizard of Odds all factor in. Consider those elements to be the tip of the iceberg though when you delve into the nearly 10,000-word exposé that boils down to whether any offered bonuses are beatable and how to beat them.

There are a couple of instances in the article, especially in cases where the blackjack bonus might not be so attractive, that James not only hints at but links to a strategy page to beat another bonus offer. In short; although the article may not be a “gold mine” due to deposit limits on some beatable bonuses, it is jam-packed with directly actionable ways to play casino games for profit. Simply reading the article and all of the linked pages will make any player much more capable of understanding the value – negative or positive – of bonuses they might consider in the future.


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