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Former Bachelor contestant wins $1m via DraftKings contest amidst collusion claims

A former contestant from the Bachelor is now $1 million richer after winning a daily fantasy sports contest hosted by DraftKings. Jade Roper Tolbert was able to outlast the field during the contest and make the best moves in order to win the cash. The win came after the first two games of the NFL playoffs and Roper Tolbert is now being accused of colluding with her husband to earn the win.

Details of the Contest:คำพูดจาก เกมสล็อตเว็บแท้

DraftKings hosted a special contest for the first round of the NFL playoffs. The first round concluded on Sunday after the Seattle Seahawks won over the Philadelphia Eagles. The Minnesota Vikings were able to defeat the New Orleans Saints.

In Roper Tolbert’s lineup, she had Seattle wide receiver DK Metcalf, a player who managed to earn 160 yards and a touchdown on Sunday. His performance gave her 32 points which helped her win the event. Once the win was announced, Roper Tolbert took to Twitter and made a joke that her husband Tanner told her to take Metcalf off her roster.

However, it was once the Twitter posts started rolling in, that other players began to look at the activity of the Roper Tolbert and her husband Tanner.

According to the source…

After the win, some people began to accuse the husband and wife of colluding together to have a better chance of winning. Both players entered the contest with the maximum amount of 150 entries. With the 300 entries between them, there was very little overlap between the players that were taken. This type of behavior is against the rules set by DraftKings. Collusion in a two-game event gives the players a bigger advantage than if the same behavior was completed in a full season contest, as there are less players to choose.

Other daily fantasy sports players have pointed out that on Twitter, both Roper Tolbert and her husband did not have any previous sports posts on their pages.

The daily fantasy sports contest and sports betting provider has yet to issue a statement on the matter.


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